Professional Grant Writing Package Information

Premium Package $999-1499

Flat fee rates* You get Grant Research, Grant Finding & Matching to Your Cause, Grant Preparation - Grant Application Submissions - Multiple Grant Applications submitted really works. Ask about our Ultra Premium Flat Fee Service


Amenities include Full Year of service for large grants to research, find, prepare and submit multiple grants

$3000+ depending the size of narratives.

This is A BEAT PAYING A SALARY Salaried Grant Writing package to save on Grant Writers and have extended long reach and access to lots of funding opportunities. Ask Jake about this Ultra Premium Package.

Form of Grant Application Submissions can or will include the following depending on the prerequisites of each Grant Giving Foundation:

Us Filling out Grant Applications as supplied by funders * Submitting Grant Applications as produced by funders* Grant Communication Letters * Corporate Sponsorship Letters * Preparing Grant Proposals as required by funders

Steps of Service

Client Fill out a Grant Assessment Application

Grant Assessment application clarifies eligibilities for grants

$25 non-refundable fee

Pursuant to signing on and being accepted:

Client is provided with over 161 pages of Grants Available to choose from

Subsequent to client choices we begin the prerequisite process of applying for multiple grants on behalf of client

We fill out the Grant Applications and prepare proposals

We submit the necessary material for grants

We provide each client with a Proof of Service verification to validate each Grant Giving Foundation has been sent a request for Grant Money, to include dates, times and contact information to show the grant is on file.

Grant applications are submitted to several places according to the package purchased.

 Ask About our Ultra Premium Full Year Grant Research-Filing-Submissions Service Option $3000-$5,000.

Our Mission

Our objectives entail providing any and all clients with the kinds of high end professional communicative etiquette needed to obtain results. No person or person(s) can ever promise that a positive funding return will occur via their writing skills.  However, there is no better idea in the world than the one which is formally, professionally and authentically conveyed in the form of a proposal, plan, or letter of intent. We strive to make your mission a personal part of how we intend to present the best in regards to your organization and business focus.

Nobody in The world writes like we do. You get more services to suit your 501c3 with us.  Ask about a website for your organization.

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  • We push hard to identify, convey and notify funder potentials of your credentials and intents.

  • We make a solid presentation while stating the need to address a specific target market and or demand in summary.

  • We capitalize on expressing the viable substances which make an investment in your project something to consider.

  • We specialize in familiarizing Funding sources with your vision through the eyes of how we represent you in methodology.

  • Your Budget, financials and operational manifest projections and views are best explained and backed by our research.

  • We cherish any and all opportunities to have you construed as knowledgeable in your industry or field.

  • We desire to have your grant request assessed by funders which equate you as sound in judgment.

  • Once we present your request for funding in a grant, or proposal it stands out as a customized in depth explanation to funders to show who you are, what you intend to do and just how an investment in you serves a true purpose.


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